The future of payment by approximation

Imagine paying the subway, market, movie and restaurant with the same card, without even a second to close each of these transactions. For more than 500 million people around the world, this is already possible, thanks to the new generation of approach-based payment means - or contactless.

We are talking about a market that is constantly evolving and with great potential. Today, for example, more than 40% of payment transactions in Europe are already carried out using "contactless" technologies and the trend is that this number will grow even further by the end of this year. In Australia, another prominent market, approximately 90% of payments are made through the use of cards and gadgets enabled for distance payment.

Contacless is a faster and much more dynamic means of payment. We can use this technology in many industries. As an example, we can highlight the creation of new projects around the world, which have used the approach payment to improve people's routine, allowing simpler access to means of transportation.

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