How intelligent cars will affect the insurance industry?

The arrival of smarter cars will have a very positive impact on the insurance market! With the arrival of cars that have features that help the driver in the way he drives, a new way of how the market sees the driver opens. Imagine being able to drive without driving? Work and even travel in a more relaxed and productive way. Now imagine all this and still pay less on the price of auto insurance.

According to an American study by Metromile and released by the journalist Greg Frerenstein, with the arrival of the autonomous cars, the price of insurance would fall about 80%. That is, the driver will save an average of $ 1,000 per year.

But why the whole economy in the price of insurance? Standalone cars have a record of almost perfect direction; So far, when cars get involved in accidents, it's because humans are behind the wheel. Since Google began releasing details of stand-alone car accidents, reports from the Wall Street Journal and KPMG predicted a significant shrinkage in the auto insurance industry. It is worth remembering that data from the National Road Safety Observatory show that 90% of accidents are the result of wrong driver decisions.

It is important to remember that, autonomous cars generate fairer insurance because:

- They are more resilient, having structures made of steel and a lighter weight than an ordinary car. That is, they do not need so much repair.

- The cost of a stand-alone car is cheaper and easier to replace in case of an accident.

-Most people who own autonomous and / or smart cars tend to have a lower risk profile, are more ecologically aware and statistically averse to risk.

- Smart cars are not 100% developed and tend to have fewer features, so people are unlikely to engage in risky behaviors, such as those associated with sports cars or other high-powered cars.

Most people who own these types of cars do not drive many miles because they do not trust the car for long trips.

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