For CFOs, Blockchain and crypto-coins will require team specialization

Digital transformation has already reached all sectors of the economy, including the financial market. Since the rise and strength of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, experts have been discussing what future business will look like and how it impacts businesses.

In a recent survey by Robert Half, 52% of CFOs surveyed believe that as these technologies grow, their finance and accounting teams will need to broaden their skills to adapt to the new reality.

However, while not denying the growing influence of these tools, for 41% of executives over the next five years, cryptocurrencies will still be somewhat common in business transactions.

CFOs believe that the growth of Blockchain and criptomoedas will require their teams to expand their skills and specializations to adapt to change, an option indicated by 52% of them in a new Robert Half survey.

According to a survey by the specialized recruitment company, which interviewed about 100 financial directors, 44% of these executives believe that the technologies mentioned above will also boost financial collaboration with the IT department.

Low impact

In addition, the study in question shows that only 35% of these CFOs believe that it will be very common to use crypto-coins in business transactions over the next five years.

Meanwhile, 41% of them said that the practice will be "somewhat common", 14% that will be "not very common" and 10% that will be "not common."


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Q1: How do you think the rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will impact your accounting and finance department?

Answered CFO: Employees will need to expand skills to adapt to new accounting and finance technologies 52%

- More interdepartmental collaboration with IT 44%

- Need for specialized accounting 44%

- Will not impact accounting and finance until government regulates 13%

No impact, whether or not 5%
regulated by the government

Q2: Do you think it will be common to use cryptocurrencies in business transactions over the next five years?

Answered CFO:

- Very common 35%

- Somewhat 41%

- Not very common 14%

- Not common 10%

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