The Future of fFnance Under the Eyes of Digital Transformation

Banking services are still going to evolve greatly thanks to digital transformation. We can expect innovations in the near future, with new products and customization of services and care. Among the main changes we can highlight:

API availability

This interface technology enables the communication of internal and external systems, which can give rise to new Fintechs with services that use data generated inside the banks.

Biometric Identification

This type of identification already exists in many ATMs, but in a short time it can also be implemented on mobile devices for access to banking information.

Internet of Things

IoT has been participating in almost all TD initiatives in companies. In the financial sector it is no different. Imagine paying for something using a wristband or even your cell phone without the need for a card? This is already possible!

Artificial intelligence

Intelligent systems are evolving increasingly and we can expect that in the coming years this technology will be able to perform complex customer service without the need for any kind of human service.

Mobile banking

There are still many barriers in mobile devices, from few resources to the lack of real financial mobility. The trend is to increase the availability of mobile products.


The emergence of digital coins has been viewed with concern by most financial institutions, but we can expect that many banks will accept and negotiate crypto coins in the near future.

The digital transformation in the banks is being responsible for an evolution in the financial system and in the creation and offer of different digital products according to the demand of the clients. Financial institutions tend to become increasingly digital, seeking an online presence that until recently was not available, but which has become fundamental to their survival today.

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