Know the advantages of a fintech

What exactly is a Fintech?

It is a company or startup focused on offering services that were previously exclusive to financial institutions in general, such as brokerages and banks.

A digital financial platform focused on customer loyalty and improved customer service, fintechs are revolutionizing the market.

And you may be wondering: what services does a fintech have to offer?

- Business Receipt Solutions
- Financial management, personal financial control
- Digital bank account
- Credit Card and Machine
- Payments, debt negotiation, loans and investments
- Benefits Management
- Microinsurance

What are the advantages of Fintechs?

- Economy: Very low costs
- Red tape: online resolutions, hassle-free practicality.
- Efficiency: personalized and very fast service
- Flexibility: Your financial services control in the palm of your hand
- User Focus: Autonomy for Customers in Best Account Management
- Solutions tailored to what the customer needs

How can Fintechs have so many competitive advantages?

As you have seen, with solutions that combine finance and cutting-edge technology, fintech represents a new and modern concept, delivering much more efficient services at greatly reduced costs.

With a few clicks, the processes are performed in a shorter time without bureaucracy.

And how is all this possible?

Because a fintech has a much leaner structure compared to that of a traditional financial institution. In it, for example, there is no physical attendance to the public, which drastically reduces the number of employees.

Everything is done online, over the internet and even through a mobile app. A great efficiency that mainly attracts younger customers.

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